CSA Questions and Answers

2020 celebrates the first year that Broken Gate Farm will have a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.


What is a CSA?

If CSA is new to you, then we can help each other out.  This will be the farm’s first year offering the CSA program. If you’ve been a part of Community Supported Agriculture in the past, then you know it is a great way to help support a farm and be involved in the process of bringing highly nutritious food to your dinner plate.

CSA’s work by letting you help support what is produced on the farm. Paying for your share now helps the farm with early costs.  In return, you can rest easy knowing you will have fresh produce in the months ahead, and at a deal.

What do I get?

A couple of great things about joining the CSA is that you get more produce than what you pay for, the produce comes to you at the time that it ripens, and it is delivered fresh to you from the field rather than going to a market or grocery store to do shopping. You will get more value out of your CSA share than the actual cost you spend. There are many challenges in farming, and you also share the risk of crop failure. Broken Gate Farm helps alleviate this risk by having many different crops and using practices that help nourish healthy soil and plants, such as crop rotation.

Is the farm certified Organic?

Broken Gate Farm is not yet certified Organic, as this is a process that takes 3 years.  We do not use any chemicals that have not been approved by the National Organic Program (NOP).  The farm is in the process of becoming Certified Naturally Grown (CNG), which is comparable to certified Organic.  We hope to receive this certification by the end of this years growing season.  We strongly believe that the best produce comes from properly managed land.

How are you dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic?

It is truly astounding to see this pandemic sweep across the entire world.  Locally, many of us have seen how it affects the way we buy produce.  As we moved into 2020, Broken Gate Farm was intending to sell primarily at farmers markets.  We are now very concerned for the success of the farm in it’s first year of full production and don’t want to be snuffed out before we even get started.  Now, more than expected, we need your support. 

However, I think this will be a great opportunity to overcome adversity.  By providing CSA deliveries directly to your front porch, our program will help you cut down on the need to go out into grocery stores and other markets.

Our farm will be adding additional safe food handling precautions on top of our current food safety plan.  We will be updating these precautions based on CDC recommendations, and our goal is to help cut down on risk of exposure to any pathogen.  CSA deliveries are already a great setup for this because the harvested produce is washed and handled only by the farmer before it gets into the CSA box and dropped at your home.

Can we follow the farm?

At Broken Gate Farm, this year’s story will be about little fruits and veggies growing up happy and making their way into a box that ends up in your kitchen. Maybe it’ll be a romantic comedy. I’ve definitely seen the tomatoes being a little more than just friends with the garlic. Did somebody say companion plantings?

This season the farm blog will be re-starting! Yes! Vegetable eye candy, farm stories, side quests, and bits of info to keep you in the know. Don’t worry, I won’t be naming plants Karly or Ashton and taking pics all day long just so you can follow them from seedlings on social media… Maybe.

What should I do?

For now, take a look at the particulars of the Broken Gate Farm CSA program for 2020 and I hope you like what you see. Sign up when you know which option will fit your needs best.

Next Step:
Find 2020 CSA details here.